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Your little girl's dreams will come true with an in person princess experience! A lovely and charming princess character will sprinkle enchantment over your child's special day and leave you all with the kind of memories you'll want to hold onto forever. The only thing more enchanting than a birthday party is one spent with a fairytale princess who wants nothing more than to give your child the best day they've ever had!

What Is a Princess Party?

A princess party is a themed event popular for birthday parties and other children's gatherings. Most often princess parties are thrown for toddler to preteen girls, though boys sometimes attend or ask to have their own. Princess performers are hired as entertainment. These impersonators are trained to portray princess characters based on fairytales and classic stories and attend parties in costumes or dresses that strongly resemble that character’s attire in literature and film. A princess party performer will interact with children using the iconic personality of the princess. Other customary things for hosts to arrange for their child’s princess party include dress up, games, storytime, and sweets and themed foods. The event space is usually decorated by the party host to correspond with a favorite fairytale or a character’s color scheme.

Important Details

  • We have all of the Princesses you could ever want on order, all in film quality costuming.
  • There are different Princess packages available. From a quick meet and greet to full events with gifts and dancing.
  • From the moment our Princess walks through through the door of your event until she leaves at the end, the magic is on.

Frequent Questions

  • What Princess do you have?
  • What Princess do you want? We have all of them!
  • How do I book a princess party?
  • It’s so easy to book one of our princess parties! Fill out your information using our online party planning form! We have experts standing by!
  • Does my princess party have to be at my home?
  • You can hold your princess party just about anywhere! Whether you’d like your own kingdom to be the venue or you’ve rented a hall, park, or other space, our princesses will be more than happy to make their grand entrance in the place of your choosing. Outdoor parties are okay as well, but we ask that you please be mindful of the conditions and have a backup plan in place should there be inclement weather.
  • What do I need to do to prepare?
  • You will not have to prepare or provide anything beyond what you will need for the party before your princess arrives and after she leaves. Our princess will come prepared with all supplies and props necessary for your chosen activities. Please keep in mind that she will not be bringing decorations or dress up clothes for your princesses, so you will have to provide those extras if you’d like them.
  • What is the ideal age for a princess party?
  • We’ve found that children of just about any age can appreciate the magic of a good princess party! You know your kids better than anyone else, so you would be the best judge of what would make your children happy. The most popular age range is 1 to 13 years old.

Start Planning Your Party!

Give us as much information as possible so we can create the best party package just for you!