American Immersion Theater



Bring any number of our professional reporters and autograph hounds to follow you, or an admired friend around for the day and give them a taste of what it would feel like to be famous. Create an experience that no one will ever forget. Feel the fame, and leave it all behind at the end of the day!

Important Details

  • Although they are not real paparazzi, they are real cameras. We will send you the pics!
  • We can send paparazzi to follow you on the street, or have them show up at your personal event
  • If we are given a little information about the people we are celebrifying, we can pepper them with questions, just like they were a real star!

Frequent Questions

  • Can I have you stalk my friend?
  • Sort of. You have to be there so they don’t get freaked out by the experience! It’s supposed to be fun, not creepy!
  • Wait...what is it that you guys do?
  • We use our staff of professional performers to visibly follow you or a consenting friend as paparazzi/entertainment journalists in any way that you want.
  • Can I surprise someone with this?
  • Yes… It can be done. You just need to be there in person to keep your friend from getting too freaked out. Notice we said friend. Don’t ask us to do this to someone you don’t like.
  • What do you need from me to make this work?
  • We will send out a questionnaire that gives us pertinent information about the person to get the celebrity treatment. This gives us a base for questions to ask, subjects the honored guest might want to speak on, and other fun things.
  • Do you actually take pictures? Can I get copies?
  • Yes we do, and yes you can! Please remember that these are tabloid pictures, not studio. They might not all be the most flattering. The focus of this service is the attention, not the photographs themselves. After it is all done, you will get copies of everything - photos, video, audio - whatever we’ve got, completely unedited.
  • How many paparazzi can I hire for one person?
  • We have several packages with a varying number of reporters, and custom packages are available. So really, as many as you want.

Start Planning Your Party!

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