American Immersion Theater



Working from an extensive database, our DJ’s know how to please a crowd no matter what type of music they might want to hear! We know how to get people out on the dance floor and having the time of their lives, and we know just when to slow things down ...and then get everything started up again! We come with the full setup, and can even help with wireless microphones for your announcements!

Important Details

  • Our DJ’s are professionals. They will keep the party jumping, but know that the focus should ALWAYS be on your guests.
  • They dress to match the event. From casual, to formal, to themed events, they will look like they belong.
  • We only use state of the art Bose sound systems for the clearest music possible. Your music never sounded so good!

Frequent Questions

  • Can your DJ play this song...the one that goes doo de dooo, de daa?
  • Actually, they might be able to. We have an endless library, and if they can find it, they will play it.
  • Can you make sure the music played is appropriate for my group?
  • 100%. It is priority one.

Start Planning Your Party!

Give us as much information as possible so we can create the best party package just for you!