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Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting

Kids and adults alike love our balloon twisters. From simple animals to elaborate hats, our balloon twisters do much more than make balloons, they entertain. Whether it is balloon related jokes, to fun banter with the kids waiting to get their special creation, it is non stop fun. Completely self contained, and ready to perform in almost any venue, balloon twisters are never a bad idea.

Important Details

  • Our balloon twisters dress to match your event, from casual, to formal, and anything in between!
  • Available options will be shown on a “Balloon Menu” to make choices easy for indecisive guests.
  • All balloons are blown up by a quality floor pump as opposed to by mouth. Not only is it faster than blowing by mouth, but considerably more sanitary.

Frequent Questions

  • What age can get balloons?
  • We will only make balloons for children older than 3 years old. Below that and it might be chewed on, and it can pop and potentially be a choking hazard. It is a safety issue.
  • We can give a balloon to the parent of the child, but they need to understand that it needs to stay out of the child's hands.
  • Why don’t you blow up balloons by mouth?
  • Because kids will put balloons in their mouths, or pop them near their faces. It’s like sharing a straw with a stranger. Never take a balloon blown up by mouth.

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