American Immersion Theater

About American Immersion Theater

American Immersion Theater is the brainchild of Scott Cramton: a single company designed to unite and utilize a network of performers across the globe into a variety of “niche” entertainments and projects. Through this centralization of efforts, American Immersion Theater can ensure that a performance done in New York will be the same, high quality, audience tested experience as one in Los Angeles or anywhere else we may produce.

The Core of American Immersion Theater is how the entertainment is delivered. In all of our subsidiaries and projects, there is no real separation between the performers and the audience. Across the board, the audience is just as important as the performers themselves. We don’t produce plays, we create interactive experiences.

With structure in place in over 30 locations in the U.S. and more professional, experienced performers employed than any other company in the world, the individual companies of American Immersion Theater can fill almost any need. We do this through recruiting and cultivating those individuals that have the raw talent and passion for performance and placing those individuals into the companies and productions which would be best suited to their talents and produce the finest product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance of our event should we contact you?
  • Unfortunately, we’re popular. Like, really, really popular. Don’t worry though, you’re one of the cool kids - we can do performances with as little as 48 hours notice.
  • Do we need to put down a deposit?
  • Yep. 50% down when you sign the contract to hold the date.
  • Where can the event take place?
  • We will always come to you! Whether it is your house, your business, your backyard, or your convention center. We bring the entertainment to you.
  • I am holding my event outdoors...Is that ok?
  • Sure! We love being outdoors, unless there is a tornado, or hurricane, or flood... It’s always best to have an alternate plan in case of rain.
  • What if something comes up and I have to cancel?
  • Here is how that works- If you cancel 21 days out, we can refund ½ of the deposit. Less than 21 days, we keep the deposit. Less than three days...I’m afraid we have to collect the entire fee. However we will always try to reschedule with any cancellation with over 7 days notice.
  • Are there any additional fees for having the actors travel?
  • It’s included in the cost of your quote.
  • So-the rate you give us is the rate? Are there any additional charges?
  • No. Prices are “Out the Door”.
  • I just found out about you and there are less than two weeks before my event! Can I still hire you?
  • Yes, provided we have availability.
  • Do you offer a discounted rate to non-profit organizations, schools and other special groups? Absolutely, we can tailor any event for these groups and provide a cost effective solution for their fundraising needs.

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