We create
opportunities that empower
people to participate

American Immersion Theater is the premier provider of immersive entertainment experiences in North America. We are a collective of actors, performers, and creatives bringing memorable and bold experiences to life.

Imagine a performance you're not just watching, but participating in. We change the way our guests view the world and each other by flipping the traditional medium of acting on its head.

Our Brands.
Five exciting companies under one roof. What could be better than that?

Atmospheric Entertainment offers professional actors in period costumes to elevate your next event. Our actors are trained to engage guests and deliver an authentic experience tailored to your specific needs.

Experience a thrilling murder mystery event by The Murder Mystery Company, where you become a suspect, solve clues, and compete for awards like Best Detective and Best Dressed. Will you uncover the culprit?

Meet fairytale royalty with The Princess Party Company! Choose from 11 princesses and create unforgettable memories. Each princess is expertly trained to deliver a magical experience for your child's special day.

Famous for a Day lets guests experience celebrity status with trained actors as paparazzi, reporters, fans, adding red-carpet excitement to any event, from birthdays to grand openings.

Camp Dragon Online offers on-demand Dungeons and Dragons games guided by professional Dungeon Masters. Enjoy cleverly crafted campaigns with custom videos to enhance your experience. Just pick a time, choose your quest, and dive into adventure!

Immersion is the catalyst for great experiences.

Our team knows how to create a truly unforgettable immersive event from years of experience delighting our audiences. We will help you plan your experiential event and provide you with the sights, sounds, and people that allow your guests to feel as if they have been transported to a different time, place, or dimension without ever leaving your event.

Our Clients

Transforming ordinary events into exciting moments of connection.

Become part of a larger story.

American Immersion Theater is more than just another place to work; it’s a community of creatively minded people joining together to transform the field of immersive acting. There are 2,000 Immersioneers performing across the U.S., collectively creating an atmosphere that encourages play and participation.

Transform your next event with the help of American Immersion Theater.